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deLush Cosmetics is a gorgeous line of multi–purpose face, lip, and eye products — essential for simple, modern beauty.

Created by Professional Make-up Artist Elizabeth de Bakker, deLush Cosmetics makes beauty simple for women of all ages and all lifestyles by offering a line of beauty necessities that combine unique formulations with innovative, portable packaging. This is mineral make-up like you’ve never experienced before.

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Multi-Tasking Products
Each product is a multi-purpose, multi-benefit formula that goes beyond
what most traditional products can offer … saving you both time and money.
Because of the inert, anti-bacterial nature of minerals, many of deLush
Cosmetics’ products can be applied anywhere on the face.

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Hypoallergenic Formulas
deLush Cosmetics’ signature kits feature skin-loving ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Sourced from nature and fused with science, pure minerals are combined with cutting-edge formulas to protect, correct and enhance your complexion without irritation. Every product is hypoallergenic and free of heavy chemical fillers, irritants and pore-clogging ingredients, making deLush Cosmetics a lightweight, comfortable cosmetic line to wear.

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Radiant Minerals
We’ve harnessed the powerful, light-reflective properties of minerals to enhance the skin’s
own natural radiance. Virtually weightless, our mineral technology allows oxygen to pass
through the make-up allowing the skin to breathe as if it were bare; these ‘second skin’ formulas
allow the skin to breathe freely while shielding against environmental aggressors. Minerals are
also anti-inflammatory agents that help the skin heal and maintain its moisture balance. Added
vitamins and botanicals help to soothe your skin and provide antioxidant protection.

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Sleek Packaging
Getting gorgeous is truly a ‘snap’ since all powders are pressed – and snap shut in sleek,
sophisticated packaging – so that you can eliminate the mess and add radiance in a flash.
Innovative ‘dual’ packing, such as our duo lip gloss/ lip liner, means that our products are
super-portable and convenient to use.

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Great Choice
Choose from five beautiful, easy-to-use kits that
provide a radiant glow, each with a full range of
colour options.

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Want to try deLush Cosmetics?

Champagne Quilted Satin Make-up Bag

Why not arrange to come in to our Exeter studio to try out our products!

Bring in your current make-up bag for a FREE consultation about how to update your products, and learn about how you can incorporate deLush Cosmetics into your beauty routine.

Also, for a limited time, receive a gorgeous champagne quilted make-up bag FREE with any make-up purchase!

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