About - The Studio Spaces

deLush Makeover Studio is located in vibrant Exeter, Devon, UK, and is the #1 most sought-after venue for beauty makeovers and confidence coaching in the Southwest.

When you book an appointment at deLush Makeover Studio you’ll be welcomed in for a session in one of two glamorous spaces: the luxurious makeup studio, where stunning beauty makeover transformations happen, or the beautifully relaxing consulting room, where transformational life coaching takes place.

Exeter’s luxury makeup lesson studio

Why not treat yourself to a 1-1 makeup lesson experience away from busy crowds and pushy sales assistants?

Having a professional makeup lesson is a deeply personal experience, and quite often clients have told me they were previously put off learning how to do makeup, thinking that the only option was to go into a busy department store where they’d feel like they were a sideshow on display.

Combine that with inexperienced sales assistants, busy surroundings, and questionable hygiene practices (ugh – e coli infested makeup sponges, anyone?) and it’s enough to put anyone off!

Enter Exeter’s premium makeup studio: deLush Makeover Studio!

Sit back and relax!

Since services are by appointment only and since the studio isn’t part of a hair salon, walk-ins and salon noises – such as the constant, irritating noise of hair dryers – never detract from your relaxation and privacy. This also means that you’ll enjoy your appointment knowing that I’m focused on you, and you alone.

Since the focus is exclusively on makeup and eyebrows rather than on other beauty therapies, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an unparalleled beautifying experience from a master makeup artist. Your luxurious VIP deLush Makeover experience will leave you feeling like a celebrity: radiant, pampered, and confident!

From the moment you arrive, you can sit back and relax in deLush’s premium make-up stool – surrounded by glamorous, vintage-inspired décor – and enjoy having a VIP treatment from start to finish.


professional lighting (including Ring Light, Soft Box, and Glamcor)
luxurious, gilded mirrors
plush velvet sitting chairs
oversized floral arrangements
… plus loads of exciting makeup to play with!


Private life coaching sessions in Exeter

Clients who book a life coaching session will be taken to the coaching consulting room – a beautiful space designed to support you in your transformational journey.

You wouldn’t want to do a yoga retreat in a dank, concrete warehouse, would you?

(Didn’t think so!)

This isn’t your typical white, clinical space with neon lighting and two awkward chairs facing one another; here, you can truly relax, get creative, and explore all of the exciting possibilities that will unfold for you!

In my coaching practice, healing is facilitated by an environment that nurtures your creativity, your femininity, and your divine spark. I believe that transformation occurs when we are in alignment with our authentic selves, which is why it’s so important to be relaxed during a coaching session!

The consulting room features an antique brass chandelier, original artworks and gilded frames, healing crystals and salt lamps, inviting textures and a luxuriously comfortable sofa with plump velvet cushions. The style of the room is intended to help clients to unwind and to dispel any nerves, so that we can quickly get to the root of what has been holding you back.

Instead of a formal greeting and a hard chair, envision yourself putting your cup of tea on the marble slab-topped tufted ottoman as you nibble on fresh strawberries and delicious biscuits, all while we discuss your goals, hopes, and dreams.

For once, put your feet up, and put YOU first. Get ready to transform!


About the location

deLush Makeover Studio is conveniently located in an Edwardian house in St Leonards, a stone’s throw from the city centre, and minutes away from the Magdalen Village shopping area. The property enjoys easy access from all parts of the city and is and is easily accessible by car or by bus. The location feels private as it’s nestled away on Archibald Road which runs parallel to Western Way.

You’ll feel pampered because services are by appointment only: as such, there isn’t the distraction of a constant stream of people. From the moment you enter, you can just relax, unwind, and enjoy your personalised experience – right down to the complimentary beverages and the music playing. For further convenience, on-road metered parking is available directly outside the property.

I look forward to meeting you!