Contouring? Strobing? Primer!? (Um …Isn’t that for walls?)

100,567 makeup brushes? (What do they all DO?!)

Matte, semi-matte, crème, gloss?

Warm, cool, neutral?

And what the actual coconuts is a BB / CC / DD cream? Huhhhh???! (Surely those are bra sizes?)

Friend, it’s not your fault that you haven’t figured out this whole ‘looking polished’ thing.

Not only are the products themselves mind-boggling, but your mum never taught you how to apply makeup, and now you’re a busy woman who has somehow let 20 years go by pushing “learn how to apply makeup” to the back of your “one day” list.

But here’s the thing.

What was looking cute in the era of yesteryear is … not so cute anymore.

(Blue eyeliner and Barbie-pink frosted lippy, I’m looking at you.)

You feel like you’re looking permanently tired and the only new bags you’ve recently acquired seem to have taken up residence under your eyes.  (#truestory)


You DON’T want to look like you’ve been plastered in cakey, heavy makeup, and you hate the idea of doing the wrong thing and looking more like a ‘Tangoed’ Love Island contestant gone wrong than a glowing goddess.

I hear you.

You just want to look ...

Fresher. Rested. Pretty.

You want your partner to look at you with THOSE eyes again …

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to learn how to apply makeup that didn’t result in you looking like your three-year old wandered into the living room with a marker when you were taking a nap*? (*HA! Just joking! Remember those?!)

Enter: deLush Makeover Studio. AKA – the answer to your makeup woes!


During your personalised 1-1 makeup lesson, you’ll learn my signature step-by-step deLush makeover process that’s uniquely tailored to YOU and YOUR face.

You’ll learn the EXACT products to use and my proven process to follow in order to elicit, “Have you just been to the spa??” comments on the school run, and “Honey, have you done something … different? You look glowing!” from your partner.

Learn the deLush Makeover method and get results like hundreds of glowing customers …

A personalised makeup lesson is for you EVEN IF you…

don’t have the first clue about makeup

… feel like you look ridiculous every time you try on lipstick

… have watched countless YouTube tutorials and just can’t seem to nail the elusive smoky eye. (Let me guess: the result is always more ‘panda eye’ than smudged perfection?)

don’t have 2 hours in the morning to get ready

… are scared of looking ‘overdone’ instead of pretty

… have under-eye bags so stubborn you might as well open a bag shop

FACT: If you can follow a simple recipe, you can learn how to apply makeup.

You’re constantly looking after everyone else and their needs. Isn’t it time to make yourself a priority?

Hey – I’ve got you. Your “before and after” is one click away …

I bet you find that you’re magnetically drawn to women who are put together.

Who ooze confidence and positive energy.

Who are a little bit glamorous, but not over-the-top.

They just seem to ‘shine from within’ and they always look fabulous. (Ughh … how the Snap, Crackle and Pop, do they DO it?!)

Basically, you want in on their secret.


Meet: your experienced makeup guide …

As a professional makeup artist for over ten years and a certified MAC Pro Member you will benefit from the extensive knowledge I’ve acquired on hundreds of shoots.

I’ve worked with clients like SKYTV, BBC2, CBC News, Canada’s Next Top Model, The Media Workshop, FW Media International, WED Magazine, BRIDE Magazine, Pure Weddings Magazine, Devon Life Magazine, SouthWest Wedding Magazine, Craft Daily TV, and Microsoft.

My work also been featured in Wedding Day and The Wedding Community, and for shoots for luxury brands like Kate Walker Bridal and Valeri Komo Couture.

At a glance, I have …

… worked on high fashion shoots with talented photographers, stylists, designers and models

… extensive industry experience in doing makeup for HD cameras on editorial photoshoots and backstage at fashion shows, as well as for modelling and acting portfolios

… had the honour being the makeup artist of choice for hundreds of glowing brides in both Canada and the UK

… facilitated countless makeover ‘before and after’ lessons (I love to bring out each person’s unique beauty!)

… shared my expertise at makeup masterclasses and group workshops

… panelled as an expert at launches and parties

… done makeup for every skin tone, age bracket, and gender

If you are SO ready to benefit from my years of expertise as a makeover specialist so that YOU too can look radiant, glowing, and fabulous every single day, contact me to book your appointment today! I’d love to teach you all my juiciest insider secrets!

Need some inspo? You can check out my professional portfolio HERE>

(Oh, and if you want to transform your insides to match your gorgeous outsides, I’m also a Master Life Coach! Learn more >)

“WOW, wow, WOW! Thank you SO much, Elizabeth, for giving me the best make-up advice I have ever received, read or heard. This was honestly hands-down the best investment I have made in a long time, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve taught me. I have already gotten several compliments about how pretty I look, and even better, about how I seem ‘different’ in a ‘good way.’ (That was from the guy at the office I was telling you about!! I seriously think a date might be coming. Cross your fingers for me!) I feel radiant, and I look radiant. I have never felt like this ever! Thank you a million. Xxxx.

– Kristy (deLush Makeup Lesson Customer)

How to look up to 3, 5, – even 10 years younger – in just 3 hours …

You've seen the remarkable 'before and afters' on TV and in magazines … Now you can experience the same kind of transformation yourself.

Book your 1-1 professional makeup lesson in Exeter

In your lesson, you’ll learn the basics of make-up along with Hollywood tricks to highlight your best features and create that wow factor to set YOU above the crowd.

You’ll also learn proven and surprising beauty secrets gleaned from my years of experience as a seasoned professional.

In your 1-1 lesson and over 3.5 hours of personalised instruction we’ll cover everything from skincare and eyebrows to advanced techniques like contouring and nailing the elusive ‘smokey eye.’

Any woman can learn how to apply makeup by using the deLush method, because it’s an easy, step-by-step system.

By the end of your lesson, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly create glowing skin, sculpted eyebrows, and flawless daytime and evening makeup looks.

In your personalised lesson you’ll learn all my best beauty tips, tricks, and hacks.

You'll learn:

… the 3 things you must NEVER do if you want to look younger

… my ultimate, fool-proof formula for achieving glowing skin, every single day (even when you’ve had no sleep or have the flu!)

… how to make your dark circles disappear like magic …in under 7 seconds!

… the bulletproof method for ensuring you always look pretty and polished

… my top 10 AMAZING product recommendations you need in your beauty bag

… the 3-point deLush method for achieving flawless brows every time

… the super simple trick for achieving perfect smokey eyes

… 7 next-level hacks to look more radiant and less tired

… how to fake a nose job, get supermodel chiselled cheekbones, cheat bigger eyes, and create plumper lips (move over, Angelina!)

… the exact colours and products you should choose for YOUR face

6 never-fail products that will make you look younger and fresher in any situation - from nipping to Tesco, to turning heads at the office Christmas party

… the 3 multi-tasking products you NEED in your life if you only have 2 minutes in the morning to get ready (and a toddler hanging off your hip)

what NEVER to do if you want your eyes to look more awake (… get this step wrong and you’ll look 10 years older!)

which products are a total waste of money and which ones get a gold star

… the common mistake 95% of women make when choosing their foundation

… the truth about how to make your skin look younger – and chances are, it’s not what you think it is!


And you’ll also learn bonus, little-known tricks like:

 … how to instantly and painlessly remove ‘peach fuzz’ on your face and upper lip

 … the sneaky trick most cosmetics counters use to get you to buy products you don’t need and how to avoid getting suckered (use my fool-proof test!)

 … my secret recipe for Victoria Secret supermodel skin all over, so that you look amazing and feel confident in a dress (as used on models on the runway and on photoshoots!)

 … the magic “Rule of 3” you need to know if you want to look effortlessly put together

 … why applying makeup has everything to do with Star Wars (hint: it has to do with the dark side and the light side!)

 … and SOOOO much more in your value-packed, totally bespoke lesson. (This is NOTHING LIKE your typical department store experience, or Avon saleslady.)

So … What happens in a makeup lesson? (1-2-3 Magic!)

After you arrive, I’ll get you set up with a luxury tea tray and nibbles while you flip through some inspiration images. We’ll have a relaxing chat to help make you feel comfortable and at ease.

1) Assess –

You’ll talk me through your current skincare and makeup routine. You can show me your makeup bag, and we’ll talk about what’s working, what you’d like to change, and what you’d like to learn how to achieve.

2)  Learn –

Next, you’ll hop up onto my professional makeup stool and I’ll pop the professional lights on! You’ll enjoy 3.5 hours of totally personalised makeup instruction – and I’ll share all my very best insider beauty secrets with you!

3)  Follow-Up –

After your lesson I’ll send you your pictures, your bespoke step-by-step instruction PDF, and your personalised product recommendations (Yup! The exact colours and brands so you can go shopping right away!) You can also get email or video support if you need a little help as you practice.

Here’s exactly what you get when you book your makeup lesson:

Discussion of your lifestyle and beauty goals so that we can create an easy-to-follow routine tailored to YOUR needs

A personalised skincare analysis (… get the skincare nailed and your makeup will look so much more flawless!)

Makeup assessment & makeup bag analysis

3.5 hours of 1-1 personalised makeup instruction with a seasoned pro

Hands-on practice: I do one step, and you have a go on the other side with my guidance and encouragement

After your lesson, you'll get ...

 A follow-up email to ensure you’re feeling confident

 Before and after pictures that you can use any way you wish (your social media profile pic never looked so stunning!)

 Bespoke step-by-step 42-page instruction PDF

 Exact personalised product recommendations (shades and brands!)

 Unlimited email or video support (in case you need a little help as you practice)

What’s the value of a makeup lesson?

In a nutshell?
One appointment. Skills for life. 👈

Remember: this isn’t a one-off occasion where you’ll wipe off the make-up and that’s it.

You’ll be learning these makeup skills for life, and you can draw on these skills for everything from office Christmas parties to date nights to everyday life.

Just one makeup lesson will ultimately save you hundreds of £££ by helping you to buy the RIGHT products – no more products sitting in your jam-packed drawer of rejects after another failed attempt to buy the ‘right colour’.

I’ll help you to choose the right products, textures, and colours to flatter YOUR skin tone, and suit your lifestyle so that you NEVER have to scratch your head in confusion at the makeup counter again!

For comparison, think about it:

How many times you have gone to the hairdresser to get your hair cut and/or coloured …… and yet you don’t learn the skills to do it yourself and you must continue to go back every few months, or even weeks?

By contrast, a one-off make-up lesson will serve you every day for the rest of your life, and you DON’T need to keep coming back for multiple appointments.

In the time it takes you to do your weekly shop, you’ll have these skills for life!

If you break down the cost into how many times you’ll be doing your make-up for the rest of your life, it really does represent fantastic value.

I also believe that a makeover can be a powerful catalyst for change and transformation in every area of your life.

When a woman looks in the mirror for the first time after having a makeover, it’s sometimes as if she’s meeting herself for the first time – and actually recognising her own beauty.

When you witness your outer glow you’ll also see that your inner glow begins to shine. You’ll FEEL different.

Your outer transformation can be the stepping stone for undergoing a total life transformation.

So gorgeous: Imagine how great it will feel to finally nail this makeup thing.

You walk into your kitchen in the morning … and your husband’s jaw drops.

You go on the school run … and everyone asks why you look so glowing.

Your colleagues do a double-take … because you just look so stunning!

Even better? You no longer feel awkward and embarrassed about how you look. You actually feel excited to walk into a room full of people, knowing you look great!

Whatever your current level of makeup experience, the deLush Makeover Process will revolutionise your day, making you feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.


My client, Susie, made the investment.

As a 39 year-old woman on the cusp of the big 4-0, she knew that if she didn’t learn how to make the most of her natural beauty now, she’d start a new decade feeling just as insecure and unkempt as she had in her 30s. In her words,

“Before my makeup lesson I was worried that I was unteachable as I embarrassingly didn’t know a thing about makeup. I felt like I was starting to look really ragged, and I was feeling invisible and ‘mumsy.’ I’d been to BOOTS to get advice from the makeup sales ladies and I even went to have my makeup done at a beauty counter but I felt so uncomfortable and overdone, and it was super confusing and rushed. I practically ran out!

I nearly gave up but then felt so relieved to find Liz at deLush Makeover Studio, as it felt like my prayers had been answered! I decided to treat myself for my birthday to feel better about a new decade and also to surprise my husband. It was incredible to see his face light up when he saw me! It’s the first time I’ve felt sexy or attractive in a very long time. Literally everyone has been commenting on how lovely I look! Liz was so friendly and such an enthusiastic, competent teacher. This was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I really mean it! Thank you!!”

– Susie

Using what she learned during her deLush Makeover Process, the results have been astounding.

To feel pretty. To be THAT woman.

Are you ready for your before and after?


PS: The time is now, beautiful! You owe it to yourself to finally take action. Sessions book up fast and I often have a waitlist, so be sure to book in so that you can start enjoying increased confidence and radiance ASAP! Book your lesson now >

PPS: Want the total package? LEARN MORE about combining your makeup lesson with life coaching and how it can help you to uplevel your whole life! Let’s get your insides to match your outsides.

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“I want to learn how to apply makeup!”


Your 3.5-hour, 1-1 personalised makeup lesson includes skincare analysis, makeup bag assessment, hands-on step-by-step instruction, before and after photo, follow-up PDF instructions, and personalised product recommendations.

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A 3.5-hour group makeup lesson including skincare analysis, makeup bag assessments, hands-on step-by-step instruction, before and after photos, and personalised product recommendations.

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