… are sick of feeling socially awkward and shy, and wish you finally felt confident when talking to new people (rather than willing the ground to swallow you up!)

… wish you could be more confident in your own skin without constantly comparing yourself and worrying what other people think.

… long for a buzzing social life with deeper friendships so that you feel more supported and less lonely.

This coaching program is perfect for you if you wish you could confidently navigate social situations … without feeling like you want to shut yourself in the nearest cupboard.

What if I told you that …

… there’s a science to likeability and charisma,

… a hack-able code to confidence,

… and a formula for being magnetically attractive?

If you want to feel more confident socially, make more friends, or overcome shyness & social anxiety, then I can help.

Feeling comfortable talking to new people is an essential life skill.

Let me teach you how.

Imagine you could walk into any room … and feel totally comfortable – even in a room full of total strangers. I’ll teach you how to confidently talk to anyone in any situation – for any reason – whether it’s to make new friends, network for business, or find a romantic partner.

Here’s what you get in your social-confidence boosting package:

x4 1-1 transformational sessions (2 hours each)

Discover how to feel more confident in ANY social situation so that you can make more friends, overcome shyness, and halt social anxiety in its tracks.

... Uncover the REAL reason why you feel awkward in social interactions – and exactly what to do when you feel those butterflies forming – so that you feel calm, collected, and confident in EVERY social situation!

Adopt a brand-new mindset that will make you stop worrying so much about what other people think, so that you can enjoy more ease, fun, and poise in your social interactions.

Get access to my BEST secrets to feeling overflowing confidence in ANY social situation – so that you 10x your likeability and always leave an incredible first impression!

Learn the mind-blowing secrets to being irresistibly magnetic and charismatic (…so that everyone you meet is desperate for a follow-up coffee!)

Harness the power of science-backed tools and techniques to help you to INSTANTLY appear – and feel – more confident.

... Unlock the incredible power of your mind to support you in your social confidence journey with a game-changing hack that you can use any time you feel shy, awkward, or socially anxious.

Learn proven strategies for making more friends, getting a second date, or leaving a better “I want to see her again!” first impression so that your social calendar is always overflowing with exciting invitations.

FINALLY feel naturally comfortable and at ease talking to new people … and be the captivating woman you’ve always wanted to be!


In your coaching sessions, you’ll learn the secrets to being instantly more confident and magnetic in ANY social situation so that you can increase your influence, charisma, and likeability – and build more meaningful connections.

Get ready for social confidence!

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Life Coaching for Social Skills


Your investment for this coaching relationship is for x4 2-hour sessions.

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“I used to feel so anxious all the time. Now I feel so FREE!”

“Having life coaching sessions with you is hands-down the best part of my month. Spending time with you is always so uplifting and you have a knack for allowing me to speak freely and truly express how I feel. You make me feel so heard – a rare thing in the chaos and noise of today. You have the natural ability to be a catalyst for self-reflection which has resulted in truly profound changes for me. Before coaching with you, I used to feel so anxious all the time. Now I feel so FREE! I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

– Katy, 36

“I feel more confident about myself than I have in my whole life ...”

“As a surprise my husband bought me a package of life coaching sessions for my 40th birthday this year, as I’ve always struggled with my self-confidence. I was so excited to get started after I read Liz’s website as she made me feel like there was hope for someone like me! Boy was I right. After my very first session I can honestly say that I felt more confident about myself than I have in my whole life. Liz helped me to understand some of the patterns that were keeping me stuck, and more importantly … how to get unstuck! She helped me to see that I am more than just the roles I play. I finally feel like I have value as a woman rather than just a wife and mother. My husband said that since I started working with Liz he finds my confidence so attractive! I can’t stop smiling.”

– Petra, 40

“You’ve totally changed my life. I’m 40 and I’ve never felt so feminine, confident and sexy”

“I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say my deLush Life Makeover has totally changed my life. Having a makeover last year and then having regular life coaching sessions was the single best thing I’ve done for myself since becoming a mum! It has helped me rediscover who I am. I’m 40 and I’ve never felt so feminine, confident and sexy!! It’s made such a colossal change to how I look at myself and the world, and literally everyone I know has been commenting about the incredible change.”

– Kathy, 40