A ‘Website Audit’ Copy Coaching Experience for Business Owners

Drowning in website overwhelm?

The “1-1 Website Makeover Workshop” is the answer to your website woes!

This JAM-PACKED 2.5 hour, 1-1 “Website Makeover Workshop” is a laser-focused Website Audit designed to identify what it is about your website that might be blocking you from getting more clients.

This 1-1 workshop is perfect if you’re a business owner who wants to:

Get 100% personalised advice from a brand strategist & professional copywriter to find out EXACTLY how your website copy can be improved.

Learn how to uplevel your messaging and make your website stand out from the competition to attract more perfect-fit clients.

Give your business the edge by getting a professional copywriter’s eyeballs on YOUR website before you DIY your copy refresh!

That’s right!

I’ll go through your ENTIRE website with you and give you LOADS of feedback about how to position your offerings in the marketplace.

You’ll also get lots of on-the-spot copy makeover suggestions (and sizzling conversion secrets!) so that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to see an instant boost to the number of hot leads coming in your inbox.

(Cue happy dance!)

In this VALUE-PACKED session, you’ll learn:

the #1 fatal mistake MOST business owners make on their websites … and what to do instead!

… how to ignite the “BUY NOW!” impulse by fixing your sales-stopping writing mistakes – fast.

… the super juicy “Real Estate” secret that shows where to physically position words so they have the most impact and lead to more conversions.

… how to so deeply connect with your customers that they’ll wonder whether you’ve been reading their journals (or tapping their phones like a crazy ex.)

… the super common mistake that most people make when they write copy that leaves 75% of their income on the table by only speaking to 3 out of the 4 types of thinkers. (Get this right and you can 3x your reach!)

You’ll also learn …

… how an easily fixable (and non-techy!) homepage mistake could be responsible for your website’s high bounce rate (and driving potential leads to the competition!)

… the so-simple-it’s-crazy tweak proven to keep 50% of first-time visitors on your website for MINUTES longer (drastically increasing your chances of winning a new customer!)

… how a little-known marketing concept called “micro-commitments” can help you to 3x your opt-in rates and effortlessly convert more leads into customers

6 PRO graphic design secrets that will powerfully position you as an authority in your niche, attract your ideal clients, and allow you to finally charge premium prices for your services!

… how to influence potential customers to buy using the fascinating psychology of colour!


… I’ll also give you an incredibly helpful 1-page ‘condensed’ version of your Storybrand Framework guide to help you to craft your messaging like an expert.

… Even better? This workshop literally pays for itself! If you decide to book my comprehensive website copywriting package, you can put the ENTIRE cost of the Website Audit session towards the total cost of the website copy makeover. It’s literally a no-brainer!

Your website is your workhorse.

Since it’s accessible 24/7 by potential leads, it should be a sales machine that effortlessly gets you clients in your sleep.

Book your 1-1 Website Makeover consultation today and ensure YOU aren’t making costly website mistakes (…and learn how to blow your competition out of the water!)

1-1‘ Website Makeover’ Workshop

Copy Coaching for Business Owners

“I’m a business owner who wants to learn how my website can be improved, uplevel my messaging, and DIY my copy refresh (with the help of a pro copywriter!)"


Your investment for this game-changing 1-1 website audit is for one personalised workshop of 2.5 hours.

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