Professional Copywriting for your Long-form Landing Page

Do you need a high-converting sales page for your product, service, event, or course?

If you need an eyeball-grabbing, long-form landing page that converts

then the “Slay Your Sales Page” Copywriting Package is the answer to your digital marketing prayers.

If you’re a business owner who wants to ...

nail your offer

communicate your value

and sell your products or services on autopilot

... then you’re in the right place!

Why should you hire a sales page copywriter?

As a business owner, service provider, or course creator, you KNOW it’s essential to have an AMAZING sales page if you’re going to convert passing browsers into cash-in-hand buyers.

Work with me because:


… Copy I’ve written has made a measureable impact for clients (… results like a 400% ROI, and £150,000+ revenue!). I combine customer insight research with rock-solid persuasion frameworks to write copy that’s engineered to convert.


… With a First-Class Honours Degree with Great Distinction in English Literature and numerous conversion copy courses to my name, I have the necessary skills and experience to help you to hit KPI’s and clearly defined sales targets.


… With a deep understanding of human psychology and what makes people ‘tick,’ I write powerful copy designed to connect and convert.

The SECRET to writing copy that converts passive leads to paying customers?


Persuasive sales pages that actually get people to BUY are built on a firm understanding of PSYCHOLOGY.

That means, in order to sell anything, you have to first understand WHY people buy.

And not just ANY people.
YOUR dreamy ‘perfect fit’ people.

That’s why you’ll reap the rewards of working with a professional copywriter who is ALSO a certified life- and business coach.

I’ll draw on my experience as a certified coach to ‘get into the mindset’ of your target client and craft the EXACT words potential customers need to read, see, and believe before clicking ‘buy now.’

A side note:

As both a professional copywriter AND a coach, I know I understand what makes people tick.

I also don’t take this persuasive power lightly.

Since I truly want what’s best for people, I’m very selective about the clients I work with, as I only want to work with people whose services are heart-centred – not 1970s-used-car-salesman sleazy.

Connecting people to services that are in alignment with their highest good (i.e., YOURS!) brings me so much joy.

Here’s how my sales page writing process works ...


Get in touch and I’ll send you an application form to fill in where you can tell me more about your sales page copy needs. If we’re a good fit, we’ll agree on expectations, budget, and timeline, and then secure the project start date with a signed contract and a deposit. (Exciting!)


Next, I’ll help you to clarify who you serve and what makes you different so that we can clearly position you in the marketplace as a leader in your space.


Then, I take the time to investigate WHY your specific target audience buys, WHAT their pain points are, and HOW they make purchasing decisions.


I weave those ideal-customer insights into proven, sales-generating persuasion frameworks. (I use my proprietary 16-part “Client Attraction Sales Page Framework”!)


Then, I write psychology-powered words that are crafted to ATTRACT perfect-fit clients, and SELL your services taking into account best practices such as the latest SEO hacks, UX (user experience) design elements, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.)


After iterating and getting the sign-off from you, your brand-spanking-new client grabbing sales page will be ready to hit ‘publish’!

Get in touch today to get started.

Slay Your Sales Page

Professional Copywriting for your Sales Page


"I want to nail my offer, communicate my value, and sell my products and services on autopilot!"

Investment starts at £2500 +. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

FAQ: How much will it cost?

I work with a handful of copywriting clients at a time and I often have a waitlist for my services. Like most professional copywriters, I charge a per-project price rather than by the word or by the hour.

Sales Page quote prices are affected by a number of factors including the scope of the project, how much research it requires, how tangible the thing that you’re selling is, how warm your audience is, and what turnaround time is needed.

As a rough guide, Client Attraction Sales Pages start at £2500 +