Are you desperate to finally lose those last few pounds and have a body you’re proud of ...

... without the yo-yo dieting and weight that keeps creeping up no matter what you’ve tried?

Have you been struggling to lose weight and you feel stuck in a cycle of dieting and gaining?

Do you binge eat, and feel ashamed that you eat in secret?

Do you feel sick and tired of your lack of control around food, and your broken promises to yourself to ‘try again tomorrow’?

Do you feel like your weight is preventing you from achieving the things you want in your life?

It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to keep off the weight.

If you’ve tried every diet and the weight just seems to pile back on, it’s not because you haven’t worked hard or wanted it badly enough.

You just haven’t realised that weight loss is an inside job first.

FINALLY – a proven way to kick-start weight loss, without the frustration of boring diets that don’t work.

I help women who are struggling to lose weight and who are stuck in a cycle of shame about their bodies to learn to love themselves – so that they can easily release the weight that they’ve been holding onto.

Working with me first before embarking on a healthy lifestyle (such as working with a personal trainer or dietician) will be the game changer to dramatically increasing your chance of making your weight loss permanent.

I’ll help you to release the mental blocks around what’s keeping you stuck in weight gain, so that you can then be in a position to make the healthy changes to your lifestyle. (If you skip this crucial step, you’ll find yourself back at square one!)

In our sessions, I’ll guide you to dig deep and address the core issues that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, secret eating, or unhealthy life choices … so that you can feel, deal, and heal your way out of the shame-and-self-loathing cycle.

Clients who work with me for weight loss are astounded how easily they can release the weight once they’ve identified the source of what’s keeping them holding onto unwanted pounds!

Here’s what you can expect when you book your Weight Loss 101 Package …

x4 1-1 life coaching sessions (2 hours each) designed to support you in your health and weight loss journey.

Find out once and for all what’s been holding you back from achieving your health goals and how to finally make weight loss permanent – so that you can feel free from the misery of calorie counting and fall in love with your body.

Learn the mind-blowing secret that helps you to INSTANTLY stop overeating! (Hint: it’s NOT ‘discipline’!)

Discover little-known strategies (backed by science!) to help you STOP binge eating and secret eating – and the self-loathing that stems from it.

Unlock the incredible power of your mind to support you in your health journey, with a game-changing mindset hack that you can use any time you feel the urge to overeat, skip a workout, or binge eat in secret.

Get access to my vault of proven strategies that will make you committed to living a healthy life – even if you’re faced with loads of tempting treats.

Stop the feeling of shame and guilt associated with food and learn to love yourself so that you MASSIVELY transform your sense of self-worth.

Develop a self-care practice designed to support and nourish you … that you actually LOOK FORWARD to doing!

Discover how to overcome the common pitfalls that keep you stuck in weight gain – and WHY you haven’t yet been successful in keeping the weight off.

Never again be at the mercy of another restrictive, exhausting diet, and instead learn how unwanted, surplus pounds can melt away with the right subconscious programming that effortlessly enables you to make better choices.


Just imagine … in the time it takes to do your weekly shop, you can learn how to FINALLY conquer your weight loss goals, stop overeating, and fall in love with yourself in the process.

This is unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever tried before for weight loss.

It’s not a diet.

It’s not a fitness plan.

It’s a mindset TRANSFORMATION that will get you thinking and feeling like the person you want to become – so that you can shed unwanted pounds like never before and smash your weight loss goals!

Book Your Weight Loss 101 Package

Life Coaching for Weight Loss


Your investment for this coaching relationship is for x4 2-hour sessions. Appointments will either be face-to-face at my coaching practice in Exeter, Devon, or will take place via Zoom if in-person isn’t possible for you.

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“I cannot believe that I’ve managed to so easily lose the excess weight I’ve been struggling with!”

“For years I have struggled to lose weight. Through unhealthy deprivation, I managed to lose several stone before my wedding ten years ago, but I piled it all back on almost immediately – and then some. I felt so ashamed of how much I’d ballooned (from a size 16 to a size 22!) and disgusted with myself that I had failed to keep it off. I had a hunch that the issue ran deeper than mere calorie counting, so I came to Liz at deLush Makeover Studio as a last, desperate attempt to figure out why I couldn’t seem to be able to keep the weight off. Coaching with Liz has literally completely changed my life. I feel absolutely amazing about my body and I cannot believe that I’ve managed to so easily lose the excess weight I’ve been struggling with! She also taught me how to love and accept myself as a healthy size 14 even though I always I thought I needed to be a size 6 to be attractive. I feel like a completely different woman and have never felt more confident!"

– Claire, 42

“Liz is a relentlessly positive force for good. She has an incredible gift to uplift, to make you feel beautiful and to help you to absolutely THRIVE. Come to her once and guaranteed she will change your life for the better forever!”

Melanie S, 43