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deLush Confidence & Mindset Makeover Packages

by deLush Makeover Studio

A proven coaching method for doubling your confidence and massively increasing your self-worth so that you can reinvent how you think about yourself … and how others perceive YOU.

Get ready to skyrocket your confidence and eliminate low self-esteem with a 1-1 coaching program, designed for Gen X women who want more out of life but feel stuck in a rut.

This 1-1 coaching program is for you if …

... you’re ready to say GOODBYE to negative self-talk and feelings of self-doubt


... you want to REINVENT yourself, EMBODY badass confidence, and TRANSFORM your life!

Perhaps you:

crave a deep, soulmate love connection, either with your current partner (who seems increasingly distant, grumpy, and unadventurous) or with a new partner (if only you weren’t so scared to get back into the dating world!)

feel desperate to finally lose those last few pounds and have a body you’re proud of – without the yo-yo dieting and weight that keeps creeping up no matter what you’ve tried.

long for a buzzing social life with deeper friendships so that you feel more supported and less lonely.

wish you could be more confident in your own skin without constantly comparing yourself and worrying what other people think.

dream of a more satisfying career making money doing what you love (…or of finally starting that business – if only you had the confidence!)

crave more freedom, adventure, and guilt-free time to yourself … but you feel like it’s “all downhill from here,” and that as a middle-aged, perimenopausal woman you can no longer live your best life.

Find out what’s been keeping you STUCK and get the tools, skills, and actionable strategies you need to create a vibrant life you LOVE – and wave GOODBYE to low self-esteem and feelings of self-doubt … forever!

“I used to feel so anxious all the time. Now I feel so FREE!”

“Having life coaching sessions with you is hands-down the best part of my month. Spending time with you is always so uplifting and you have a knack for allowing me to speak freely and truly express how I feel. You make me feel so heard – a rare thing in the chaos and noise of today. You have the natural ability to be a catalyst for self-reflection which has resulted in truly profound changes for me. Before coaching with you, I used to feel so anxious all the time. Now I feel so FREE! I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.”

– Anna, 39

Oi! ...

We need to talk about the elephant in the room.

Yeah. THAT one.

The fact that you aren’t … (*whispers*) … happy.

I mean, you’re not desperately, dreadfully UNhappy

… but you just feel lost, bored, unfulfilled … stuck.

Something just feels like it’s missing, and while you have a vague idea what areas of your life are suckier than that lollipop you had that one time in year 6, you don’t understand WHY you feel so lacklustre about your life.

I mean … it’s not THAT BAD (like those 80’s Michael Jackson hip thrusts.)

But … you’re kind of drifting along doing endless cycles of work, food shops, school runs, laundry, Netflix binges, and repeat. (Is life supposed to feel this … uninspiring?!).

Life is just … OK.
when did you become OK with just being …OK?

Sound familiar to you?

Maybe you don’t feel confident …

“I’ve never really felt very confident. I’m often filled with self-doubt and I feel really self-conscious. Mostly, I feel invisible and uninteresting.

“I’m just not that comfortable in my own skin. I wish I didn’t care so much about what other people think, and I’m always scared of being judged or disliked.”

“I feel a bit lost, like I’m at a crossroads in my life and just treading water. I want to change but I don’t know how.

“I find it hard to feel at ease and ‘real’. I feel so awkward talking to new people! I’m sick of the blushing, the sweaty palms, and feeling nauseous.”

“I never really feel like I’m enough. Like I do enough, have enough, or am enough.”

Maybe you’re bored, lonely, or feeling low …

“I wish I had a more exciting life. Ugh … I feel so bored!”

“My social life is rubbish. I’d like to make more friends and have more fun*!” (*Dancing to Cyndi Lauper optional.)

“I sometimes feel sad, depressed, and angry and I don’t really understand why.”

“I want to reconnect to my partner. My relationship feels staler than a bag of 6-day old crisps.”

“I’m sick of being single! Is there something wrong with me? I’m terrified of becoming a lonely, crazy old cat lady who shows the postman my 1950s button collection.”

My job is so incredibly dull, but I don’t know what else I could do.”

Or maybe you feel disconnected from who you are …

“Since becoming a mum, I don’t really know who I am anymore. I don’t want to become the woman who permanently smells of raisins and cheese.”

“I feel envious of people who say they’re connected to their passions and purpose. I crave that feeling of freedom and joy!”

“I feel like the years are flying by and I haven’t achieved anything noteworthy. I don’t even really know what I want … I just don’t want this! Is this really it?”

Be honest …
Do any of those resonate?

It doesn’t have to be this way …

Newsflash, gorgeous soul:

Life coaching changes everything.

No matter what you want to change, life coaching can help you get RESULTS.

Life coaching is the single fastest, easiest, and most effective way of PERMANENTLY silencing your inner critic and getting rid of the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck …

… so that you can move from feeling like you are just surviving to truly living your life by design and on purpose.

What’s a limiting belief? (Good question!)

A limiting belief is any pesky belief you have about yourself, the world, or anything in it that isn’t factual, and that doesn’t serve you.

Since your behaviour – and your results –  will always align with your deeply held beliefs … it’s prettttty important to understand this.

Disempowering beliefs such as “I’m always so rubbish at ___”, “I’ll never be able to ___”, “I’m just not very funny/pretty/ interesting/clever,” or “Who am I to ___? ...” just clutter up that gorgeous mind of yours, shoot down your self-confidence, and prevent you from living the life of your dreams.

One of my ‘superpowers’ as a coach is detecting the BS limiting beliefs that are keeping you STUCK and robbing you of self-confidence.

These turbo-charged life coaching sessions are for you EVEN IF you

don’t have the first clue about feeling confident and you’ve never felt very good about yourself!

… feel like you’re past your ‘best by’ date and it’s too late for you to change.

… have recently been through a huge set-back like going through a divorce, having a baby (or a big birthday that knocked you sideways …the big 4-0?), undertaking a big relocation, or experiencing an empty nest for the first time.

hate your job and would rather gouge your eyeball out with the snot-covered finger tip of a 3-year old child who’s just visited a soft play than go to that mind-numbing (paycheque paying) job again.

… have read loads of self-help books and nothing has worked to shift your low self-esteem.

… feel so uncomfortable in your own skin you wish you could unzip it.

And yes, life coaching is EVEN for you if you…

don’t have loads of time to commit to long sessions of intense therapy.

… have tried counselling before, but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

… are worried about wasting money after so many failed attempts at feeling better.

… are actually a bit scared to change (what’s on the other side?!)

… feel sceptical that anything will work for you.

The good news?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always been this way or if a recent set-back has made you feel ‘less than.’ I’ve got your back, and I’ll get you RESULTS!

I believe it’s NEVER too late to change your beliefs if they don’t serve you.

Traditional therapy can be very useful for many people, but if you haven’t experienced relief from your low self-esteem, it may be time to try something new.

BIG changes can happen quickly, even after a single session.

Even if you feel like you’ve read every book, watched every YouTube video, and scoured every article for answers that will help you with your confidence and self-love … you haven’t tried the most effective method that exists: deLush Confidence & Mindset Makeover.

And the best bit?

I offer a GUARANTEE. (It’s literally a no-brainer!) I’m so confident in my method that if after your first session you feel like you would have gotten better value from reading a self-help book, then the session is on me.

Sound good?

I can’t wait to welcome you in and to see your transformation unfold! I just KNOW there is SO much juicy goodness waiting for you!

Together, let’s get you unstuck.

“I am speechless, smiling, filled with self-love and nurtured by your wise, bold, and brilliant words. Please publish a book. I will be your first buyer. Thank you, Liz! You are an inspiration and an amazing teacher of life and the art of joyfulness! So, so lucky to have met you.”

– Ruth, 44

My coaching framework is embedded within these three phases of the coaching process:

Step one – Get clear

Clarity coaching: What do you want?

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change in your life? We’ll get crystal clear on what exactly would take you from just being ‘OK’ to feeling ‘oh-my-goodness-incredible’! We’ll explore where you are now, and also what goals, hopes, and dreams you have. (Abracadabra!)

Step two – Unearth

Dig for limiting beliefs: What’s been stopping you?

Together we’ll do some deeper work to figure out what’s been blocking you and keeping you stuck in negative patterns. We’ll use a variety of techniques to discover the triggers that create happiness and pain in your life (…you’ll be absolutely amazed how transformative this part of the session is!)

Step three – Reset and transform!

Re-program your mindset: Learn how to thrive!

You’ll learn the actionable tools you need to get permanently unstuck. You’ll adopt a brand-new mindset and leave your session feeling completely different to when you first came in. You’ll learn exactly what to do to in order to feel confident and unstoppable … so that you can achieve your ultimate vision for your life!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in each life coaching session:

 … Get crystal clear on what exactly would take you from just being ‘OK’ to feeling incredible

 … Explore where you are now, and also what goals, hopes, and dreams you have … and exactly how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be

 … Figure out what’s been keeping you stuck in negative patterns and how to release yourself from the grip of low self-confidence

 … Learn the actionable tools and techniques you need to get permanently unstuck

 … Adopt a brand-new mindset and leave your session feeling empowered and completely different to when you first came in

 … Feel unstoppable, and enjoy increased clarity and a renewed sense of possibility

 … Come away with a step-by-step action plan for how to implement all your new results strategies so that you can radically and permanently change your life!

My unique coaching process …


My proprietary 4S D.E.L.U.S.H Coaching Framework is unlike anything you’ve ever tried – guaranteed.

The “4S” part of my coaching framework stands for the overall steps towards achieving the life of your dreams.

They are: 1) Self-awareness, 2) Self-love, and 3) Self-confidence … which lead you to 4) Self-actualisation (aka, YOU achieving your potential!)

The D.E.L.U.S.H acronym represents the coaching journey and stands for:

DISCOVER your core desired feelings, DEFINE your vision, and DEEP DIVE into self-awareness.

EXPLORE limiting beliefs, ENVISAGE possibilities, and learn about ENERGY.

LEARN new tools (LOA) and LEVERAGE your skills and experiences.

UNLEARN old patterns of thought and UNLEASH your badassery!


HEAL your way to a HAPPY and HEART-CENTERED life.

Meet your personal Life Coach. (aka, your mindset Ninja partner)

As your confidence coach, I’m here to facilitate a process of discovery.

It’s time for the world to meet the best version of YOU!

I help my clients to examine their stories & pesky limiting beliefs to see what’s serving them and what’s hindering them … so that they can get UNSTUCK.

As a certified life coach, I’ve had the pleasure of helping women from all walks of life – from high-powered CEOs and VPs, to badass stay-at-home mums, to professional women, to creatives and entrepreneurs.

Clients come to me for a variety of reasons: They may be going through big life transitions, such as divorce (been there!), or motherhood (been there – twice!), or may be experiencing problems with low self-esteem and self-worth, imposter syndrome, lack of motivation/ clarity/ passion, perfectionism, and people pleasing (been there before, too!).

I’m a master coach at evoking transformation through conversation, and I use active empathy and deep connection to help move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Tools and Techniques to help YOU thrive.

In my coaching practice, I use a huge variety of techniques and modalities that incorporate a deep understanding of the forces that drive human nature.

During your sessions, you’ll learn how to understand – and master – the parts of your brain that try to derail you and keep you stuck.

I’ll teach you super effective tools that take into account an understanding of emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, and the human capacity for growth and transformation.

Depending on each client, I use my own intuition in combination with being informed by a variety of healing therapeutic modalities, such as:

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programing),
Psychoanalytic/ Humanistic/ Cognitive/ or Behavioural Psychology;
Person-centred & Internal Family Systems Therapy;
Human Givens & Schema Therapy;
Emotion-focused Therapy;
Transactional Analysis;
Positive CBT/ RTT/ REBT modalities;
SST (Single Session Therapy);
or Positive Psychology.

I use a huge arsenal of tools to re-program your inner state for mind-blowing transformation – from Desire Mapping, to Reflective Inquiry & Inner Child Work, to Archetype Analysis to EFT tapping – among countless others.

In other words, I draw on LOTS of different psychological and coaching tools to ensure a totally supportive, EFFECTIVE, and EMPOWERING experience for YOU … so that you can ignite PERMANENT change!

I’ve invested 10’s of thousands of pounds into developing my coaching & business toolkit, and now I can offer my knowledge to YOU.

This coaching thing? It’s kinda my bag.

I’ve got more street cred than a hoodie-wearing, 15-year old with the latest beats on his new-generation iPhone.

But don’t just take my word for it:

“She is simply unmatched and is an incredibly gifted coach.”

Liz has an uncanny ability to hear what is said and perceive what has been left unsaid. She listens with such compassion and has helped me tremendously to find inner resources I didn’t even know I had so that I could recover from a particularly difficult time. She is simply unmatched and is an incredibly gifted coach.

– Karen, 54


 BA McGill University, Great Distinction

 Certified ICF Accredited Master Life Coach Diploma, Clique Academy

 Certified Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clique Academy

 Certified Life Coach in Clique Coaching Method, Clique Academy

 Life Coaching Certificate Course from Archology – (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Certified + CPD/ CTAA accredited)

 Professional Accredited Life Coaching Certification Course, (CTAA -Complementary Therapists Accredited Diploma)

 Certified Desire Map Facilitator (Danielle Laporte)

 Certified Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator (Danielle Laporte)

 Certified Evercoach Unleashed Coach (mentored by Master Coach Christine Hassler)

 Certified in Conversational Coaching (Institute for Influence)

 B-School graduate (mentored by Master Coach Marie Forleo)

 Business Made Simple University

Current studies:

 ICF Accredited Diploma in Clique Method of Life Coaching, Master NLP + EFT Practitioner (Clique Academy)

 Human Givens Diploma (Human Givens Institute, PSA)

 ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (The Coaching Academy)

Life Coaching Packages


Life Coaching + Makeup Lesson Package

"I want a total makeover to completely transform … inside AND out!"

Your investment for this package is for a 3.5-hour 1-1 professional makeup lesson and a 2.5-hour transformational life coaching session.

Introductory Life Coaching Session

Life Coaching for Clarity & Confidence

New client? Try an initial introductory session before investing in a package.

Deep Dive Problem Solving Session

Life Coaching for Immediate Clarity

"Help! I need clarity about something tricky!"

The Confidence Fix Mindset Makeover

Life Coaching and Confidence and Mindset

What goes here or is this a copy of another package or the signature package?

Love Life Revive

Life Coaching for Love

"I want to reconnect with my partner, heal a broken heart, or find a soulmate."

Unstoppable You

Life Coaching for Getting Unstuck

"I want to get unstuck!"

Weight Loss 101

Life Coaching for Weight Loss

"I want to lose weight … for good!"

Money Mindset Makeover

Life Coaching for Career

"I want to make more money, get a raise, or start a business!"

The Social Butterfly Solution

Life Coaching for Social Skills

"I want to feel more confident socially and make more friends, (or overcome shyness & social anxiety.)"