1-1 Business Coaching VIP Day to Create Your Profitable Signature Offer

Attract your perfect-fit clients and SELL OUT your services ... with a Magnetic Offer that Sells.

In your 1-1 VIP Day, I’ll take you through my Magnetic Offers that Sell method – the exact process you need to conceive, develop, and create an “OMG! Take-my-money!” signature offer that prospective clients are DESPERATE to buy!

You’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY HOW to package your services in a way that’s so totally irresistible to your ideal client that they can’t help but contact you.

(Can I get a “Whoop whoop”?!)

If you’re:

... sick of charging a low hourly rate for your service (instead of a high-ticket price for a package offer)

... not sure how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and be seen as the ‘go-to’ expert

... and you’re wondering how you can book consistent clients (– without the never-ending stress of hunting for new business)

… then you NEED to create a Magnetic Offer that Sells.

Let me help you to package up your brilliance and create an irresistible, “yessss … that’s exactly what I need in my life!” DREAM SOLUTION for your ideal clients.

As a certified life- and business coach, I deeply understand psychology and human motivation.

The benefit of having a deep awareness of what makes people ‘tick’?

I also understand what makes people BUY.

I can apply this insider knowledge to help heart-centred business owners like you connect to the people they are meant to serve.

(This means YOU can do what lights you up … and your clients’ lives can be transformed by your amazing offerings!)

As a professional conversion copywriter, I also understand marketing.

Together, my coaching and copywriting experience make me uniquely positioned to help YOU create an enticing Magnetic Offer that Sells

… one that connects to the feelings, thoughts, and (crucially!) the buying behaviours of your target audience.

Using my Sell-Out Services Framework I’ll help you to:

Understand how to package up, position, and communicate your offer so that you become the ONLY option in prospective buyers’ minds!

Draw on your unique gifts and talents in order to turn your expertise into an IRRESISTABLE Magnetic Offer so compelling that it sells itself!

Give stress and overwhelm the heave-ho and successfully create something your audience will be chomping at the bit to buy!

Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what transformation your service provides so that your marketing effortlessly calls in your dreamy ‘perfect fit’ clients.

Map out the “how” of the unique methods and steps you use to help your clients get the juicy results they want from your services.

Figure out what unique benefits your client will get from your offer, and clearly lay out what tempting features your Magnetic Offer will have.

Outline your USP and how your offer is different from other offerings out there.

Position yourself as the EXPERT in your niche so that you can charge premium prices while providing incredible RESULTS for your clients!

Learn how to price your offer so that it’s value-packed for the customer but feels sustainable and fills YOU with excitement!

Together, we’ll create a magnetic + profitable signature offer so juicy that you’ll have a waitlist of cash-in hand buyers for your offer!


A Magnetic Offer that Sells is the KEY to unlocking:

1. Rock-solid, sustainable monthly INCOME

– because you’ll have a clear, compelling offer that clients are desperate to buy!

2. Easy client ATTRACTION

–  as you’ll be positioned as the ONLY viable solution to your prospective clients’ problems.

3. Bullet-proof CONFIDENCE in your pricing and the value of your work

–  because instead of trading your time in hourly chunks for small sums, you’ll be giving clients a highly desirable TRANSFORMATION

4. ‘Gold dust’ word-of-mouth REFERRALS and glowing testimonials

… because your Signature Magnetic Offer gives clients exactly what they were looking for!

5. Effortless SALES conversations

–  since clients will be begging to get on YOUR books (rather than you feeling like you have to convince them in a gross, sales-y way!)

This workshop is designed to get you SEEN as an authority – and PAID like a boss!

Get more clients in 3 simple steps:

Book your 1-1 VIP Day.

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2) Create your Magnetic Offer that Sells.

In your 1-1 VIP Day, get access to Coach Liz, Brand Strategist Liz, and Copywriter Liz (yup, all me!) Together, we’ll create an irresistibly Magnetic Offer that Sells that will leave people desperate to work with you … and ONLY you!

3) Get more customers and watch the money roll in!

Feel confident and get excited as you watch your business transform from washout to waitlist! ‘Ping-ping-ping’ … oh, HELLO emails, DMs, and payment notifications!

Magnetic Offers that Sell

1-1 Business Coaching VIP Day to Create Your Profitable Signature Offer

"I want to attract and sign new clients with ease and create a signature offer that sells!"


Your investment is for a 4-hour 1-1 VIP Day.

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FAQ: Who is this VIP Day for?

Magnetic Offers that Sell is for BOTH: 1) experienced business owners who already have a proven business but their services aren’t selling as well as they’d like, AND 2) new service-based female entrepreneurs just starting out who want to NAIL their offer from the outset! Whether your services need to be ‘made over’ or you’re just starting out, you’re golden!

FAQ: How is this different to the Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop?

The Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop is focussed around your OVERALL messaging strategy and is a great starting place if you’re unclear about who you’re targeting and how you help them. Magnetic Offers that Sell is focussed on creating a core, signature offer that will be your ‘bread and butter’ secret sauce. Magnetic Offers that Sell is the perfect complement to my Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop!