Make Over Your Messaging to Get More Clients with Ease – 1:1 Business Coaching Workshop

Need more clients?

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and


so that you can get found + get booked.


"Why aren’t people buying my offerings?!”

Ahhh, the million-pound question.

Is this you?

❌ Your website isn’t converting browsers into clients.

🤐 You’re hearing crickets on social media.

💀 You struggle to clearly explain what you do without it turning into a confusing, long-winded ramble of doom.

😨 You feel like you’re constantly second-guessing EVERYTHING (…and you’re gripped with imposter syndrome as a result!)

🙄 People either glaze over or smile politely when you talk about your business.

If you nodded “yes!” … then my Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop is 100% designed for YOU.

Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, consultant, coach, jeweller, trainer, or ANY other service-provider … you need clear, consistent, and compelling MESSAGING:

i.e., a memorable ‘thing’ you want to be known for, which separates you from the competition.

Here’s the problem:

If your marketing messaging doesn’t clearly explain HOW you can help potential customers and WHY they should choose you, then it won’t resonate …

– leaving them hot footing it for the competition.

It’s not your fault you aren’t making consistent sales and attracting enough customers.

Until now, you simply haven’t nailed your messaging in a way that speaks to your ideal client & leaves them scrambling for their purse.

The cold hard truth is this:

Until you can clearly communicate your VALUE to your potential customers, all you’ll hear is the ticking of the clock – instead of the pinging of client email notifications & Stripe payment automations.

So what’s a business owner to do?




The Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop

…the 1:1 messaging bootcamp that will help you to make over your messaging without the overwhelm so that you can start attracting perfect-fit clients on autopilot.

Get More Clients, the Easy Way.

If you’ve ever wondered:

“How do I CLEARLY explain what I do, who I help, and what services I offer without being boring or confusing?”

…then you’re in the right place!

The Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop is right for you if:

... You started your business with passion and enthusiasm … but now you feel more lost than Little-Bo-Peep’s sheep.

... You feel confused about how to talk about how you help people and you suffer from major imposter syndrome as a result.

... You desperately want to know how to attract more clients, but you don’t know HOW.

Listen up, my friend:

Getting more clients all comes down to five core business concepts which are the driving force behind every single piece of marketing.

These 5 concepts need to be 100% Swiss-Alps-Spring-Water-Crystal-Clear to your prospective clients.

That’s why I’ve designed the Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop so that you’ll walk away with a rock-solid marketing message designed for CLARITY, allowing you to confidently and consistently share your expertise and offerings.

During your 1:1 session, we’ll get CLEAR on the answers to these five simple questions, so that your website, social media profiles, and email marketing inspire ‘perfect fit’ clients to want to work with you:

1. Who are you?
2. Who do you help?
3. How do you help them?
4. Why do you do what you do?
5. What makes you different?

A word of caution:

Do NOT fall into the trap of these being ‘too basic’. The answers to these questions are at the very heart of your business, and if any of these components are missing, potential customers will turn to the competition.

The thing is … it doesn’t matter WHAT you do. It matters HOW you package what you do.

Messaging is an ECOSYSTEM – not just one piece of content.

👉And you need to NAIL your messaging if you want to attract more clients.

Because when you figure out how to talk about your business in a juicy, gotta-have-it, buzz-worthy way?

👉 Everything will click into place.

And those clients you so desperately want to attract?

They’ll be banging down your digital door. 🚪

Rock-solid messaging puts you in, – as my client Zara says – “A category of ONE.”

Become a Messaging Queen in Just 3 HOURS

(— Even if Marketing Gives You Hives.)

Never Struggle to Communicate Your Value Ever Again!

With my Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop, you’ll get total clarity around foundational business concepts like:

... Who your target client is

... What makes you unique, and what your niche is

... How to create a rock-solid messaging strategy that will attract dream clients to your offerings – like bees to honey, baby!

... What will make potential customers say “YES!!! I NEED this!”

... so that you can skyrocket client sign-ups by 40% (without ever having to ‘hard sell’!)

Go from Generic "Who?" to In-demand Brand ... in Only 90 Days

By the end of the Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop, you’ll have:

Your core message (finally!) nailed, and your work packaged up into a uniquely you “big idea” that INSTANTLY gets potential clients stoked to work with you (… and ONLY you!)

Total clarity around EXACTLY who you help, how you help them, and HOW to package your services in a way that’s so totally irresistible to your ideal client that they can’t help but contact you.

A juicy new way of explaining what you do so that you can communicate your value with ease – without stumbling, rambling, or feeling like a pleb.

An exciting new perspective on the value of your work that will help to obliterate imposter syndrome and give you confidence in spades – because you know EXACTLY what transformation your service provides!

A clear plan for how to effortlessly weave your messaging through all of your marketing, your website, and your social media. Boom! 💥

This workshop is designed to get you SEEN as an authority – and PAID like a boss!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop:

Get 100% clarity on your ‘ideal customer’ profile so that you can tailor your message to ONLY attract your perfect-fit clients (…and banish nightmare clients forever!)

Uncover your “brand promise” – the key to differentiating your business in the marketplace! (Get this right, and everything will fall into place!)

Develop your magnetic message so that you can strategically figure out how you want to be known – and how to position your brand!

Unlock the answers to the 5 core messaging pillars, so that you can easily attract new clients – and keep existing ones coming back time and time again.

Learn the secret to making your message MEMORABLE so that you’re always top-of-mind in your niche!

Discover how to use hypnotic, emotionally-charged words (based on the psychology of sales) to turn passive browsers into cash-in-hand clients who are desperate to work with you!

Get total clarity around how to actually incorporate your messaging in the key areas that matter most, like your website, opt-in newsletter, sales pages, social media profiles, and bio.

Here’s what’s included in this powerful 1:1 workshop:


A pre-session pack to help you prep for our time together


A totally bespoke, 3-hour 1:1 business coaching workshop (either in-person or over Zoom)


WhatsApp voice note support*


30 days of email support*


A full report from me with tools, resources, worksheets, and follow-up meeting notes with clear action steps

*After your session, you’ll also have access to me via email or WhatsApp for 30 days after our session in case you need a little extra feedback and accountability!

Imagine You Can Relax, Knowing Your Online Presence is Selling Your Services on Autopilot ...

It’s true:

When your messaging is on-point, it becomes effortless to make sales.

It doesn’t matter ‘how much competition’ there is.

The business that will ultimately make the sale is the one with the most compelling message.

(i.e., the message that communicates, “I can solve your problems.”)

In fact, a study from The Harvard Business Review titled The New Science of Customer Emotions confirms that when you have a memorable message …

… You can charge PREMIUM rates for your services (2.3x more, to be exact!)

… You’ll get 1.5x more referrals

… You can DOUBLE your profit per client … as they will spend, on average TWICE as much each year!

… You’ll effortlessly get more followers, click-throughs, and subscribers.

… You’re more likely to be invited to speak or contribute to articles and podcasts as an expert.

Ready to uplevel your messaging so YOU can attract more clients with ease?

Book your 1:1 workshop now and get your personalized roadmap to magnetize perfect-fit clients!

The Client Attraction Blueprint

1:1 Client Attraction Workshop

“I want to learn how to communicate my value so that I can attract my ideal client to my services!”


Your investment is for a 3-hour, 1:1 personalised workshop.

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“I feel like I have FINALLY found the ‘missing piece’ of the marketing puzzle!”

“OMG YESSSSS!!!! I feel like I have FINALLY found the ‘missing piece’ of the marketing puzzle and EVERYTHING is falling into place now. Elizabeth helped me to clarify who my ideal client is, what’s important to them, and how to speak directly to them using a cohesive, solid brand message. I didn’t even know what messaging was until I stumbled upon ‘The Client Attraction Blueprint Workshop’ and intuitively knew that I needed to book in with Elizabeth. Before I took the workshop, I was confused, unclear, and disheartened. Now, I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted and that I can now communicate with (and attract!) clients with ease and clarity. I can’t believe how quickly she helped me to laser-in on my unique angle. After I completed the workshop, I got FOUR new clients the very next week. Incredible!  I don’t even feel like there is any competition anymore as I’m in a category of ONE! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ”

– Zara, luxury jewellery designer

”I felt like I had hundreds of WOW moments!”

“After just ONE session with you I have had so many ‘lightbulb’ moments I can hardly believe it!  Thank you so, so much for your kindness and support, and for all the utterly BRILLIANT guidance … so much of what you said is popping around in my head and I’m incredibly grateful for your expertise. It’s SO refreshing to speak to someone who can relate to what I’m thinking and feeling at the moment with my fledgling business. I felt like I had hundreds of WOW moments from you today, and need to write them all down and process them so that I can really make the most of your incredible advice! Truly, I have learned so much from you already (I wonder if you realise how much wisdom you impart just from being you!) I’m so excited to embark on a business coaching journey with you!”

-Vicky Wilcocks, @mixmixmama Boutique Biscuits & Bakes