Mindset Confidence Coaching for Business Owners – to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Conquer the Fear of Getting Visible!

Are you a business owner struggling with confidence-sapping Imposter Syndrome and the fear of getting visible?

... Do you feel STUCK in the vicious cycle of Perfectionism, Procrastination, Panic, and Paralysis?

... Are you battling with not feeling good enough and comparing yourself to EVERYONE else on the ‘Gram?

... Do you constantly self-sabotage, get in your own way, and grapple with the FEAR of getting visible?

Sound familiar?
If so, you’re SO not alone!

On a daily basis, business owners have to battle with multiple mindset challenges, such as:

😬 thoughts of inadequacy,

😳 the feeling of “not-enough-ness,”

😨 and the crippling fear of getting visible in the online space.

You might:

… grapple with thoughts like, Am I even cut out for this? What if people think I’m not very good?!”

… feel totally overwhelmed by how AMAZING everyone else’s brand looks (leaving you feeling like the awkward kid-sister at a party trying desperately to look like she belongs)

… end up judging yourself for hiding, or being so ‘lazy’ and demotivated.

It’s true:

Gone are the days of putting a tiny ad in the Yellow Pages, hiding behind words, and waiting for the rotary dial phone to ring.

Today, a business owner is expected to not only excel at their craft, but ALSO juggle being an expert marketer … along with being the literal face of their brand.

And it feels like A LOT.

The result?

A shame-filled spinning out of “CAN I EVEN DO THIS!?!?”

Even worse?

Since you struggle putting yourself out there, you ALSO struggle with having sales conversations … (because ‘selling yourself’ feels GROSS when you’re filled with self-doubt.)

The problem is, feeling stuck in a cycle of low sales keeps you locked in a state of self-doubtsucking out every last drop of business confidence, and making you feel more and more fearful of getting visible online.

(uh, hello imposter syndrome!)

If you’re here, I know this about you:

You’re ambitious. Business-minded. Ready to be SEEN … and to start making real money.


A business with only a handful of sporadic clients?

Is just an expensive hobby. 👈

You know what you have to offer the world is AMAZING (…you, do, don’t you?!) … but this whole “GETTING VISIBLE THING” Just. Gives. You. All. The. Icky. Feels.

… but what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Introducing ...

From Fearful to Fearless

… the ‘mindset makeover’ specifically designed for female entrepreneurs who are ready to beat imposter syndrome & get comfortable being visible

What if you could show up confidently online without feeling afraid of being judged? 🤔

Wouldn’t it be great if you could STOP getting in your own wayand instead step into the CEO mindset of a badass business owner?

If you could ditch the fear, you’d be able to:

😎 ... effortlessly initiate sales conversations

🙌 … stop the cycle procrastination and overthinking

💁 … feel confident, successful, and worthy of success

If you could overcome the self-doubt, the overthinking, and the fear that’s keeping you playing small … just imagine how much more effortless if would feel to make sales!

Be Fearless!

The From Fearful to Fearless confidence coaching session is about MINDSET MASTERY, designed to move you from self-doubt to self-confidence.

Here’s exactly what you get in your session:

Experience a powerful, 1:1, 2.5-hour imposter-blasting coaching session, designed to transform your business mindset, knock out self-doubt, and make you feel like a SUPER confident badass!

Get hand-picked resources and advanced mindset tools – based in neuroscience – to help you to get out of your own way and skyrocket your business success!

Receive a customised workbook to complete after our session which will help you to move forward with total clarity and confidence.

Come away with clear action steps to complete so that you can make real progress towards becoming more visible.

During our session, you’ll:

Uncover the limiting beliefs that may be keeping you hidden, stuck, or underpaid.

Ditch the fear so that you can develop an unstoppable mindset that allows you to consistently make sales in your business!

Step into the CEO mindset of a badass business owner – the next-level version of you!

Discover how to break the procrastination-perfectionism loop so that you can FINALLY get out of your own way and go after your dreams!

Unlock the secret to becoming comfortable with being visible – so that you can show up confidently online to attract your dream customers!

Get the essential mindset tools to beat imposter syndrome so that you finally feel worthy of success.

Learn from-the-vault secrets that will make you fall in love with the process of making sales … so that the process feels effortless (and definitely not ‘gross’!)

“After just ONE session with you I have had so many ‘lightbulb’ moments”

After just ONE session with you I have had so many ‘lightbulb’ moments I can hardly believe it!  Thank you so, so much for your kindness and support, and for all the utterly BRILLIANT guidance … so much of what you said is popping around in my head and I’m incredibly grateful for your expertise. It’s SO refreshing to speak to someone who can relate to what I’m thinking and feeling at the moment with my fledgling business. I felt like I had hundreds of WOW moments from you today, and need to write them all down and process them so that I can really make the most of your incredible advice! Truly, I have learned so much from you already (I wonder if you realise how much wisdom you impart just from being you!) I’m so excited to embark on a business coaching journey with you!

Vicky of @mixmixmama Boutique Biscuits & Bakes

This mindset makeover is for the business owner who KNOWS her progress has been halted by FEAR.

Fear of FAILURE.



It’s time to knock fear on the head and transform what’s possible for you.

If you’re ready for confidence coaching to create an elevated mindset that supports your growth, then book your From Fearful to Fearless mindset makeover today!

From Fearful to Fearless

Ultimate Mindset Uplevel to Beat Imposter Syndrome

“I want confidence coaching to conquer the fear of getting visible in my business!”


Your investment is for one powerful 2.5-hour coaching session.

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