Do you dream of a more satisfying career making money doing what you love?

Or of finally starting that business – if only you had the confidence?

… Do you wish you had the confidence to ask for a promotion or a raise?

… Do you get up dreading going to work as it’s so far removed from what you’d envisioned as a career?

… Do you wish you’d taken a different career path, but you believe it’s just too late for you and that now you’re “past it”?

… Or maybe you dream of starting your OWN business … but you don’t know where to start and you don’t have the confidence in yourself to do it?

Perhaps ...

… Your career is unfulfilling or you’re stuck in a dead-end job where you’re bored to tears … and you’re not growing professionally or personally.

… You don’t know exactly what you want in a career … but the work you’re doing now certainly isn’t it!

… You’re eager to get promoted or to advance within your industry … but you’re having trouble reaching that next level.

… You’re dissatisfied with your job, and you desperately want a way out … but you don’t know how to go about doing it.

… You’re unemployed (or afraid you might be laid off soon) … and you want to find a new – and better! – job as soon as possible.

… You feel burned out, overworked, or underpaid … and you want to find a rewarding job that pays what you deserve.

… Your career isn’t a good fit – and you long for work that more closely aligns with your interests, personality, and skillset.

The problem is, you don’t have enough confidence to make the career change, go after a promotion, or start your own business …

…and perhaps you feel blocked by  

visibility fears, imposter syndrome, feelings of unworthiness, procrastination, or perfectionism?

Introducing ...

The Money Mindset Makeover ...

… a proven coaching program that will help you to uplevel your confidence around money – making it, keeping it, and feeling worthy of having more of it.

In just 4 POWERFUL SESSIONS, you’ll have cleared your mental blocks around receiving money and feeling worthy of having your dream job!

You’ll finally learn how to break through income plateaus, eliminate imposter syndrome, and reinvent how you think about yourself –  and go from payroll pauper to money-magnetising maven!

Just Imagine ...

Waking up excited and energised to go to work – because it’s your perfect-fit dream job that you LOVE!

Finally getting highly paid – instead of settling for less than you know you’re worth.

Feeling deeply fulfilled in your work and comfortable with money.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Money Mindset Makeover …

x4 1-1 transformational sessions (2 hours each)

Discover how to implement the critical mindset shift to unlock more abundance in your life and a more fulfilling career!

Figure out what unconscious beliefs have been keeping you stuck in a dissatisfying career, and how to make the necessary changes to LOVE what you do for a living!

Release the mental blocks around what’s keeping you from achieving your financial and career goals so that you can feel deeply fulfilled in your life’s work.

Massively upgrade your mindset around money, so that you can FINALLY get paid handsomely for your work – without feeling embarrassed, awkward, or unworthy.

During our sessions together, I’ll expertly and quickly help you to uncover your subconscious blocks around receiving abundance in your life.

Learn how to eliminate visibility fears, income plateaus, imposter syndrome, procrastination/ perfectionism, and money & receiving blocks so you can supercharge your bank account and your self-worth!


If you’re ready to magnetise true success, overflowing abundance, and deep fulfilment, then it’s time to learn how to transform your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

Book Your Money Mindset Makeover

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Your investment for this coaching relationship is for x4 2-hour sessions. Appointments will either be face-to-face at my coaching practice in Exeter, Devon, or will take place via Zoom if in-person isn’t possible for you.

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“I got a promotion! The results have utterly astounded me ...”

"I will be forever grateful for the time I spend working with Liz! She helped me go from having very little self-confidence, to making pitches in the boardroom so good I got a promotion! She absolutely transformed my mindset in a way that I simply could never have done on my own. She helped me to unearth a MASSIVE blockage that was holding me back in so many areas of my life. Liz empowered me by teaching me the tools I needed to create change, and encouraged me to challenge what I felt I was capable of. Her services – and the results she has gotten in my life – have utterly astounded me."

– Emma, 37, Marketing Manager

“Working with her resulted in my HIGHEST EVER SALE ...”

“Liz’s business coaching and copywriting genius changed how I communicate the value of my work and has resulted in tens of thousands of pounds ROI. Working with Liz has been an absolute GAMECHANGER in my business! She’s helped me to navigate a huge pivot from general photographer to personal branding photographer; working with her resulted in my HIGHEST EVER SALE and best ever month for sales! Liz – you are a legend! Thank you for being my guide.

– Rosie Parsons, Personal Brand Photographer